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Kitchen Design

Restyling your kitchen is an investment and requires a plan. Cabinet finish, counter top materials, lighting and flooring are just some of the decisions you may need to make when you update this equity-rich space in your home. But, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Your project can be coordinated through our vendors, including electrical, painting, flooring, and other contractors, for more efficient execution. We help you with the details so you can concentrate on enjoying the transformation.

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Architectural Carpentry

princeton_fireplace_1_200.jpgLike jewelry against the little black dress, our fine detail carpentry makes cabinetry and rooms sparkle with custom accents and additions. Elegant moldings, corbels, mantels and other architectural enhancements bring sophistication and polish to any home. Oversized rooms, undersized fireplaces and other awkward elements can be brought into scale, making your space resonate in perfect harmony. Also, our years of experience and unique combination of design, carpentry, and decorative finishing expertise enable your project to flow smoothly from conception to completion.

Furniture Finishing

silver_leafed_table_1_250.jpgDo some of your good quality furnishings no longer fit your tastes and current design plans? We'll help you give them new life and style. This is an 'in-shop' service, with greatest value offered for pieces delivered to and picked up from our Frenchtown, NJ facility.

Decorative Finishes

decorative_ceiling250.jpgfor Fireplaces, Moldings, and Other Surfaces From the warmth of Old World Style to the clean, crisp lines of Metropolitan Chic, decorative finishes can take you on a journey each time you enter your room. If you've decided to indulge yourself and your home, professionally executed, hand-crafted finishes can take center stage or can become the perfect backdrop for your furnishings, accessories, and artwork. And, like icing on a cake, finishes designed to bring out the details in your moldings, millwork, and other architectural accents add the final touch to your space. Plan ahead! Let us finish these items in our factory prior to installation for greater value and less inconvenience to you.

Decorative ceiling photo courtesy of Galina Peterson.

Wall & Surface Design

custom_moldings_plaster_walls250.jpgOpen floor plan? Small rooms? Whether large or small, we'll help you maximize the style of your space with the architectural use of color, carpentry applications, and textures for your walls and other major surfaces. Design and color consultations are available to help you develop a cohesive plan for your living or business space.

"Thank you so much for delighting us with your exceptional work. We love the rooms . . . Your neatness, professionalism, and creativity are all reasons why I recommend you." Elsa P., Hillsborough, NJ, 1999

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